Experiencing God in Worship     

Experiencing God in worship is the central activity of all that we do in the Vineyard

When we lift our voices and bow our hearts, we expect to experience God’s presence as a palpable reality. We have found we are made more fully human and better reflections of the God-image that we were created to be. Worship shapes us as we respond to God’s love, and meet with Him, in the songs we sing. While there are many ways to worship, singing is vital to the Vineyard.

Our corporate worship on Sundays is a time to come together to worship and to celebrate our amazing and loving God! This time of worship isn't a concert or a "warm-up" for the rest of the service, it's the basis for why we meetbreathe and move in Him.

More about Worship gathering, equipping, inspiring and imparting (below)

Throughout our story, the Vineyard movement has been primarily known for our expression of worship though the songs that God has given us. We have a rich history of meeting with God in worship, writing and recording songs for the Body of Christ, and serving worship leaders in their high calling in the local church.

From the very beginning of the Vineyard movement, our value for intimate worship emerged from hearts hungry for God. This hunger remains the essence of worship in our movement. Vineyard Worship (the ministry) exists to gather, equip, inspire and impart this deep-rooted value for worship in our local churches.

  1. Gather worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters to build community and care for one another.
  2. Equip our worship community with practical tools to broaden its local worship experience.
  3. Inspire our worship community toward a deeper connection with Jesus.
  4. Impart the best of what God births in our family of churches and share it broadly.

    For more information on Vineyard Worship, go to:  www.vineyardworship.com  
    Also checkout our: Regional worship leader retreats, songwriting summits, nights of worship, live webinars, and much more.... Vineyard Worship events are happening all around the country!