Voices in the Vineyard
This small group is a time of sharing OUR story

We all have a story. Each story represents a life, a beautiful reflection of our Creator. All stories have pain, all stories have joy, and every story has value beyond measure. We will take turns each week sharing, listening, and praying for one another. You will not be surprised or put on the spot, neither will you be pressured in sharing your story. Each week the person volunteering to share, will have had time to prepare, meet with Pastor David, and decide ahead of time what area they want to share of their life. 

The dates/nights will change throughout the course of the small group to allow more people to participate. We realize that there isn't a 'one night, one time' fits all and we really want to do this in a way that everyone that wants to participate can join in.

Watch your bulletin, the slides before and after church each week, and your email updates for nights and dates of the next meeting.

Small groups are a vitally part of our community—
a place to let your guard down and build meaningful relationships with one another and with God.

Watch for new small groups meeting announcements that are:

Community Building: Church Movie Night; outreach activities; attending community activities together; sharing  hobbies, projects, and meals together...

Discipleship Building: Worship, Healing, Learning, and maturing as we follow Jesus in loving Him and others well. These meetings offer opportunities in training and equipping to specific areas of life and ministry, such as; Prayer Groups; Nights of Worship; Building a better Marriage; Ministry Team Training; Seminars; Regional Conference; Guest Topic Speakers,...