What does "Outreach" look like at the vineyard?

By Showing God's Love in Practical Ways

Here are some of those Practical Ways:

BackPack Buddies                    vineyardhuntsville

Feeding needy children over the weekend,
because hunger doesn't take the weekend's off

The vineyardhuntsville has adopted the “BackPack Buddies Program” for a several of years now. We provide children from food-insecure homes with weekend and holiday meals during the school year. The children are selected by school principals, guidance counselors, and various after school programs. These children receive healthy meals and snacks in their “Backpacks” at the end of every week.

How you can help? Receive a list of needed items from the church and make the purchases, you can make a financial donations or volunteer in putting together meals.

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Neighborhood Pantry

Our free neighborhood food pantry is located on the church grounds, available to our community 24/7. 

Not only is it a wonderful way to love our community in helping meeting a practical need, it's an outreach that everyone (of all ages) can contribute! 
From purchasing items, putting together care packages, to stocking the pantry throughout the week, it's become a blessing to everyone involved. 

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vineyardhuntsville                      Food Pantry
We are thankful to serve groceries,
offer prayer, and greet between 200-300 people a year

The Church food pantry is a great way to serve, build relationships and serve our community in a meaningful way. Over 100 families in our community are blessed each year in receiving food assistance. We believe it’s a privilege to serve those in need with free groceries, to offer prayer, and to simply show God’s love in a practical way.

How can you help? Pray for those in need and this ministry, donate nonperishable items, make a financial donation, or volunteer in putting together meals. 

Showing God's Love in Practical Ways

Outreach is a privilege that all of us have, to show Jesus' love to those around us.
At the Vineyard we encourage a personal outreach life, a lifestyle directed toward showing the world around us His love. We have events that include the whole church to reach out to our community. Things like giving away free cold drinks on the 4th of July to our local police department; giving away free coffee and offering free gift wrapping at local business; having Block Parties; cleaning public restrooms; giving free coins at Laundry mats; holding a free car wash; picking up trash along the roadside in nearby neighborhoods; giving away meals to the needy; and the list goes on!
We're always looking for ways to show God's love to our community in practical ways.

We believe that
Showing God's love in practical ways will change the world... one person at a time.